Mixed Media and Installation Gallery
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Give and Take
Steel, Paper, Cheesecloth
36" x 24.5" x 15"

Rock, Steelwire, Barbed Wire Fencing
3 Feet in Diameter


Paper, Construction Cloth, Woodblock
5" x 8" x 2"

Coil Vessel
Raku Fired Clay
20" x 9"


Female Torso
High Fired Clay
10" x 5"


Torso with Handles
High Fired Clay
25" x 17" x 9"

Ice Project
Digital Print
4" x 6" up to 4' x 6'


In the Name of Who?
Bronze, Steel Wire, Purple Tissue Paper
30" x 60"


Steel Wire, Wax, Burnt Paper
16" x 3"x 4"